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Tangkasnet Poker is not only about gambling but it contains life. Through this game, there are so many hidden stories and this game is the witness of all events.

Tangkasnet Poker and Its Connection to Things Around The World

Though card game has no eyes, ears and mouth, this game is the witness of all events happened in the world especially those who have relation with this game. No wonder if there are so many facts for Tangkasnet Poker only that will make you know everything about it. Among other games, this card game is the most special since you can find so many special things inside and surprises as additional stories.

Know The Connection of Tangkasnet Poker in The World

What facts can make you appreciate more about bola tangkas Poker? Here are some stories behind such as:


  • Passing the Buck is the expression which pointed to the originated of the game in the era of American Frontier which buckhorn handle knife was used in indicating someone that his turn is dealing. If he didn’t want to deal, then he can pass buck to someone else.
  • You know yakuza is the gangster group in Japan but what you don’t know is the name of Yakuza. The name of the Genk came from the worst hand in this game which is Ya8, Ku9, Za3.
  • The star of Daredevil which is Ben Affleck known as one of the best card game player. He is a good player since he won a tournament called California State Championship and he won the prize in $356,000 and also he passed the qualification of WPT Championship.


The stories behind Tangkasnet Poker will always be interesting as the development of this game goes further in the society as well.